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Anti-aging  Face 

Specialized Anti-Aging treatment to repair the three levels of skin tissue

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Our Actives: All the performance of 22 powerful concentrates of plants and essential oils that you

brings Rejuv'Oil to the service of Beauty that combines efficiency and Well-being.

Anti-Aging All skin types
- Dry skin - Sensitive skin

- Stimulates collagen and elastin

- Improves the  skin firmness

  The skin is replenished, replenished and radiant.

Our 100% natural essential oils of lemon, rosemary, sage, thyme and mint Boost and energize the active ingredients. They make the skin more luminous and radiant with vitality.

Since the dawn of time, vegetable oils have been known for their beneficial properties for the skin: they are moisturizing, restorative, anti-aging or even purifying.
Vegetable oils come from plants, a fruit, a nut. Aromélia uses virgin vegetable oils, obtained by first cold pressing, which

preserves the quality of the active ingredients present in the oils. The skin is sublimated, toned, plumped and redensified.

The combination of linseed, borage, almond and olive vegetable oils gives Rejuv'Oil oil antioxidant properties to improve tissue elasticity and reshape sagging skin areas.

Anti-aging :

-Fight against premature aging of the skin -Boosts the synthesis of collagen and elastin -Improves skin firmness

Utilisation : Visage, cou et décolleté
Appliquez le matin et/ou le soir, quelques gouttes de REJUV'OIL, comme un booster (en pré- soin) avant l'application de votre crème habituelle ou votre sérum. Nourrit, raffermit, booste le collagène.
Type de peau : tous types de peaux, anti-âge, peau sèche, peau sensible

Our advices :

Apply a few drops of REJUV'OIL in the morning and/or evening, as a booster (as a pre-care) before applying your usual cream or serum.
REJUV'OIL improves elasticity and firmness for skin that is more restructured, luminous and radiant with vitality.

Clinical results:  88 %  the skin is TONIFIED

                                82% the skin is FIRMED

  *Refer to the "clinical studies" tab to see the results

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