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Good reasons to choose natural cosmetics?

Natural cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular and are as effective and healthier than conventional cosmetics.

Here are some good reasons to choose natural cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics have become a major part of the beauty world in recent years. If you are tempted by natural cosmetics but need a few more reasons before taking the plunge, here are 5 good reasons to choose natural cosmetics.

1. Natural is better for your skin.

Les produits issus de la cosmétique naturelle ne sont pas nocifs pour votre santé. Les marques de cosmétiques conventionnelles utilisent parfois encore dans leur formulation des ingrédients chimiques ou pétrochimiques et des perturbateurs endocriniens. REJUV’OIL a été formulé par notre laboratoire AROMELIA, sans silicone, sans parfum et sans conservateur !

2. Natural and more effective.

The skin is natural, not chemical. Therefore, active ingredients from nature will have more impact on it than chemical substances. The composition of REJUV'OIL contains powerful natural active ingredients that really act on the skin in depth, especially with the help of vegetable oils.

3. Less harmful to the planet.

Conventional cosmetic products are generally made from petrochemicals, which have a strong negative impact on the environment. Natural cosmetics use techniques that are much less harmful to the planet.

4. Natural cosmetics smell good.

There is a common misconception that natural beauty products smell bad because of their very raw composition.

The AROMELIA laboratory has taken care to choose natural components such as Lemon and Rosemary Essential Oil to give its COSMETICS delicate scents.

5. Natural cosmetics are on trend.

Natural cosmetics have become an important part of our beauty routine. It is now possible to obtain trendy natural products and care products with innovative PLANT AND FLOWER ACTIVES.

Example with REJUV'OIL, extracts of LUPIN seeds combined with Insaponifials of MARACUJA OIL for an astonishing repair of the 3 levels of skin tissue.

And reduce the signs of ageing.

This is the case with REJUV'OIL, which uses an extract of MARINE PLANCTON (a unicellular micro-alga) that helps to redefine the contours of the silhouette by accelerating the combustion of fat.

The appearance and texture of the skin are improved. The surface of the thighs, hips and abdomen is smoothed.

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