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Stretch Marks

Specialized care to promote the reduction of stretch marks

corps bas du dos

Our Actives : Tomato carotenoids allow by their actions:
- improvement of skin elasticity (in vivo);
- improvement in the appearance of stretch marks and orange peel skin;

- improvement of inflammation.

Stretch Marks

- Promotes the reduction of stretch marks
- Smooths the epidermis and reduces stretch marks

Rejuv'Oil helps to reduce stretch marks on the stomach, buttocks, breasts, thighs and hips areas, by this dysfunction of fibroblasts and skin collagen, stretch marks result from a brutal and rapid stretching of the skin.
Red and/or pink stretch marks are the most recent, these stretch marks are only in the inflammatory stage and can be treated . We must act quickly! White stretch marks are old stretch marks and are more difficult to treat.

photo vergetures noir et blanc
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Utilisation : 
Appliquez sur les zones des vergetures à traiter.
2 fois par jour, matin et soir pendant 3
 mois ( et plus ).
( ne pas mélanger à une crème ou lait corporel en même temps, laisser agir comme produit seul pendant 2 à 3h00 heures )   Afin d'obtenir un meilleur résultats des actions de tous NOS PRINCIPES ACTIFS .
Type de peau :
vergetures  . 

Our advices :

To enhance the effectiveness of our Rejuv'Oil Oil.
Proceed with small pinches, to create a hyper activity so our actions will be more active. Rejuv'Oil brings repair to the depths of the dermis. Apply morning and evening.

Clinical result: -65% stretch marks are less visible.

  *Refer to the "clinical studies" tab to see the results
  * (Do not use in pregnant women and during lactation).

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